Avellino Security offers a variety of services to meet your residential or business needs.  We are a certified company that provides innovative and comprehensive security solutions throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  Our headquarters are rooted in North Attleboro, MA and Pawtucket, RI.


In 2013 alone, U.S. property crimes totaled 8.6 million.  85% of police officers believe that monitoring systems could have helped deter such crime¹.  Alarms are crucial in protecting your property, however someone needs to respond to them.  Avellino Security offers a cost effective mobile patrol to ensure that your property is always protected.  

Officers will act as the eyes and ears for your property, always ready to be the first line of intervention.  Have confidence that potential criminal activity as well as maintenance issues such as fires and floods will be monitored 24/7.  Management and the police will be notified of all emergencies or incidents. 

Mobile patrols are effectively worked to routinely support foot patrols by parking and driving a marked car around the properties to enhance the security presence. The use of a marked vehicle is extremely effective to ensure continued visibility and routine patrol during inclement weather.  

We offer patrol services during off-business hours, including weekends and holidays.  Our current patrol coverage includes Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  Contact us to get an affordable quote to include your property in our patrol route. 

Security visibility is one of the most effective crime deterrents. We understand this and take advantage of it by providing obvious signage as well as appropriate security systems and hardware for maximum security.

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All of our specific services include the following:   

Uniformed Officers

We pride ourselves on the appearance and condition of our officer presentation.  Each officers' uniform incorporates the Thin-Blue-Line, a symbol commemorating law enforcement and community protection.  It also features our security patch which displays our company mission to observe, report and preserve.  Most importantly, our uniform ensures that our officers are always visible in any condition.   

Security guard patrol Massachusetts North Attleboro

Incident Reporting

Incident reporting is a crucial component for the public safety department’s efficiency and effectiveness in protecting persons and property.  Officers are trained to gather important information to write clear reports and to log all aspects of an event.

Security guard patrol Massachusetts North Attleboro


Avellino Security currently implements, free of charge, the widely used and professionally respected, WinArgus® DETEX. This technology is effective for the safety of our officers and the satisfaction of our clientele. Have confidence with tour verification and data collection.  

Security guard patrol Massachusetts North Attleboro