What it takes to be an Avellino Security Officer

All Officers and Security personnel will meet or exceed the following;


  1. High school graduate or GED

  2. Valid driver’s license

  3. CORI cleared (no felony convictions)

  4. Be at least twenty-one (21) years of age

  5. Speak, read, and write fluent English.

  6. Be physically able to perform foot patrols, have vision correctable to 20/40 and have adequate strength to carry a 20 lb. fire extinguisher

  7. Trained to recognize and use the 3 types of fire extinguishers – Avellino Security utilizes a video training program entitled “Fire Extinguisher – Fight or Flight” which includes a pre-test, handout, and graded examination.

  8. Completed CPR training through the American Heart Association or equivalent program.

  9.  Be neat and well groomed in personal appearance.

  10.  Be able to demonstrate thorough knowledge of property locations and routes    of emergency egress.

The following is a list of the required processes an officer must complete:


​Initial Interview

Consists of an Oral Board. All new recruits must sit before a panel of the Command Staff answering several operational and situational questions providing answers deemed to satisfactorily show the capacity to perform in this field.


Testing: Drug, Work Book and Fire & Extinguisher

Drug Testing

Avellino Security administers a comprehensive urine analysis prior to employment.

Work Book Testing

Avellino Security administers a written training Exam to ensure the orientation was successful in preparing the officer to the Avellino Security standard.

Fire & Extinguisher

Avellino Security requires a separate written examination of the correct ID and use of the various types of fire extinguishers.

Criminal Background Screening

Avellino Security conducts a Criminal History Query.

Employment Background Screening

Avellino Security conducts thorough job history reference check.


Credit Screening

Avellino Security conducts thorough credit check.

Avellino Security Corporation is an equal opportunity business.